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Design a Custom Remote Work Experience with Expert Help

Remote work is challenging. If not managed correctly it can negatively impact your employee's productivity and ultimately lead to financial consequences.

We work closely with you to create an experience that is best suited for your organization and employees. We take away the stress of creating remote work solutions so that you can focus on growing your business and providing your customers with the best products and services.


Working Remotely is

We understand the difculties of transitioning your organization into a remote team. It is a thoughtful process that requires consideration and effort to create robust policies that meet the needs of your team.


Communication, collaboration and loneliness are the top cited challenges that workers face when working remotely; however, when remote work is supported companies experience 25% less turnover rate. Dacia Consulting Group is here to support you as you develop and grow your remote working team.

Why work with us?

We leverage the power of design thinking as a tool to craft remote work policies that are unique to your organization.

We understand that each organization has its unique challenges and we work with you to identify and overcome these hurdles. By deeply understanding your pain points and collaborating with your employees, we are able to create solutions that match your needs.

Our Process

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Needs Assessment

Team Talk

Team Analysis

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We will help you

Similing Team

Create a positive work culture that transcends the office walls.

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Enhance Communication

Develop effective and efficient team communication strategies.

Online Learning

Develop Strategic Direction

Create strategic remote working policies that match your employees needs.

Informative Interview

Strengthen Team Culture

Increase Transparency

Ensure organizational goals are aligned across the entire company.

Retain Employees

Retain your top performing employees

Recruit Top Talent

Recruit highly qualified employees to build a high achieving team.

Work Desk

Why Remote? 

98% of remote workers would like to continue to work remotely for the rest of their careers.

Flexible schedule with the ability to work from anywhere and not having to commute are cited as the top benefits of working remotely.

97% of remote workers recommend remote work to others.

Remote workers are happiest when they spend more than 76% of their time working remotely.

34% of American workers said they would take a 5% pay cut to work remotely.