Our services

At Dacia Consulting Group, we are committed to working with you to provide your employees with the best remote working experience. 

Work with us today to tackle your most pressing remote working challenges so that you can go back to doing what you do best. 


As a remote company, it is essential that you stand out to attract the right talent group for your organization. It can take up to 52 days and $4000 USD to hire talent best suited for your organization and culture. We help you ensure that your organization draws in the top talent available.


Employees who have a negative onboarding experience are 2 times more likely to look for new opportunities in the near future. Knowing this, it is very important to make a positive first impression. We work with you to create a memorable first-day experience for your employees so that they remain engaged and motivated. 


Losing a valued employee can cost an organization anywhere from 10 to 30 thousand dollars. We help you develop strategies that demonstrate to your employees that their organization is committed to them. 


Developing a highly skilled strong team is key to stronger outputs. We help you ensure that your team has access to the development tools they need to learn and grow with your organization.  

Team Building

Teams made up of friends work better and are more productive than teams of strangers and acquaintances. It is in your best interest to ensure that your employees have good relationships with one another. We help you build a positive team culture that leads to increased productivity and higher quality work.  


Parting ways with employees is a difficult time. It is essential that this process is thoroughly planned and well thought out. We help you ensure that this transitional phase is easy for everyone involved.