Overcoming Remote Work Challenges

Remote work brings about fantastic perks that allow employees to live a lifestyle that suits their personal needs. With remote work, individuals are able to work around their lives rather than live around their lives. This shift in work culture and work priorities truly has the potential to revolutionize the way the working world lives their lives. However, with this positive change can come challenges that one may be unprepared for.

Challenge # 1: Lack of structure

Without having a strict start and end time to the workday, it is very easy for the lines between work and private life to blur together. To overcome this challenge, create your own daily work routine that helps you create healthy boundaries between work and personal life.

Try: Schedule a daily activity at 5:30 pm. This will allow you to end your workday at 5 pm and do something that serves as an established boundary between your work and personal life.

Challenge # 2: Physically draining

With no commute that requires one to walk and passively exercise, working from home can be a physically draining experience. Sitting in one spot all day as you are immersed in your work, can place a great amount of strain on your body.

Try: Plan stretch and walk breaks throughout your workday. Make sure that you take the time to stand, stretch, walk and get your blood pumping throughout the day.

Challenge # 3: Feeling alone

Working remotely can be an isolating experience for some. Being away from the physical office means that social interactions with team members has to be planned and requires effort.

Try: Connect with a team member who lives in the same city as you and build a positive relationship with them. This will give you a work friend who can truly empathize with your work challenges and support you throughout the way.

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